Tennessee Pirate Fest 2021 - Online Vendor Application

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Summary of Vending Application Process

To be considered as a Craft or Food Vendor for the 5th annual Tennessee Pirate Fest (May 22-23, 29-30-31, 2021; 11a-6p ET) located at 550 Fiske Rd, Harriman, TN, please download and review general guidelines.   


The deadline to apply is April 3, 2021 (unless we have holes to fill).  Feel free to call before applying (c: 865-466-1902).  Preference will be given to vendors who can vend on all show days.  Payment and paperwork are due after approval.  


This is a juried show to make sure items fit within the theme, time-period, and with little overlap with other vendors.  For jurying, please email representative pictures of your work (and a photo of yourself and booth in themed decor, if available) to TNMedievalFaire@gmail.com or send us a link to photos.  We allow one vendor per booth (with helper(s)) selling 1-2 related categories.  We strive to have 50+ vendors (45+ craft and 5+ food).  We will let you know as soon as possible whether or not your work (and which items) have been accepted. 


A ~12’ sales frontage tent space without electricity for Crafts is $40/day * 5 = $200 if paying by check, cash or money order ($41.50/day * 5 = $207.50 if paying by credit).  For ~12' sales frontage tent/rig space with electricity for Food is $80/day * 5 = $400 if paying by cash, check, or money order ($83/day * 5 = $415 if paying by credit).  The vending fee includes TN state tax of 9.5%.  If you have a food truck, please email/call to discuss.  Larger tents and rigs are subject to prorated fees.

Approved food vendors cooking onsite are required to provide a certificate of general liability insurance ($1 mm per occurrence and $2 mm aggregate) with Darkhorse Entertainment, LLC, 150 Culton Ln, Kingston, TN 37763 listed as additionally insured.

All approved food vendors are required to provide or purchase Health Permits ($30/weekend cash) and be inspected on Saturday mornings on show days by County Health Inspector, Preston Woody.  865-354-1220 x109, Preston.Woody@tn.gov

Any questions please contact Barrie Paulson: 865-466-1902 TNMedievalFaire@gmail.com.    

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Please send separate email with links or pictures of your work for jurying to TNMedievalFaire@gmail.com
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