Tennessee Medieval Faire 2020 - More Info Pending!!

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The Royal Joust 

Field of Honour 3x a day


DeBracey Productions brings you

Battlefield-style jousting and Trick riding!

A one of a kind, out of this world jousting experience

that will leave you wanting more!


Carson v Garrett fight -- Trent.jpeg

Combat Chess

Royal Players

Field of Honour 2x a day

Watch an actual war game!  The chess pieces are live people who actually fight to take over the squares.  

Cheer on your side!  Who will win!?  

Photo Credit: Rob Welton Photography

Einstein Simplified Comedy

Einstein Simplified

Comedy Improv Troupe

Venetian Stage 4x a day

Performing since 1994, Einstein Simplified is the longest running comedy improvisational troupe in the greater Knoxville area.  Currently eight members in size, their short form shows include a variety of improv games based on suggestions from the audience.  Enjoy and join in the fun!



Celtic Musican

The CrossJacks

Lively Sea Shanties, Fiddle Tunes & Folk Music

Different Stages 4x a day

All Show Days!

Our very own Crossjacks are back!  They are two rambunctious minstrels (Mark Dudek and Jesse Wine of greater Knoxville) who believe it's better to sing for one's supper than to scratch or scrape for it.  They entertain with an upbeat mix of sea shanties, fiddle tunes and folk music from far and near, in exchange for not being arrested on charges of vagrancy.  https://www.facebook.com/crossjacks/

Misfit Gypsies

Venetian Stage 4x a day

Oct 17-18 only

New!  Misfit Gypsies founded in 2002, members Paula Nidiffer and Teresa Thompson, have been sharing their love of Middle Eastern (fusion) dance in the Tri-Cities and surrounding region for over 15 years. Their collaborative efforts with both artistic direction and choreography allows them to offer audiences a truly unique dance experience. Both members teach and perform regularly around the region in venues ranging from intimate cafes to full-scale theater productions and festivals.

Gypsy Spirit is a “sister troupe” performing with and under the direction of Misfit Gypsies, and accompanies the Misfits at entertainment venues throughout the region. Members Heather Stroup and Christina Stitt bring their unique backgrounds to their performances and love to express their passion for dance.  



Lady Pan.png

Lady Pan

Puppet Show

Happy Hollow Stage 4x a Day


New!!!  A dragon is hatching!  Can you imagine!?  Lady Pan invites children young and old to join her once again for an interactive musical adventure! Explore the magic of playing make-believe, sing along, and even try your hand at being a puppeteer!  For when you believe in something good, you hatch the very thing you always could!  "In any place the theatre can be, so long as there's an audience like you and players like me."

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/TPlaQ4qhES8

FB:  www.facebook.com/paninhand

Brian Tinker Leo.jpg

Brian "Tinker" Leo

Medieval/Renaissance Festival Music

Gazebo & Pub 4x a Day!

Dates TBD


New!   All the way from greater Chicago, Brian "Tinker" Leo comes to east TN!  He is a musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, and has been performing for numerous years.  The Tinker's love for music is evident as he shares songs of love and adventure.  Get carried away and take his songs home on CD.   


Black Mash Hollow Musicians

Black Mash Hollow

Americana & Celtic Music - Townsend, TN

Gazebo 4x a Day!

Dates TBD


Gracing our festival are George Kraushaar and Dianne Gruber.  They share a passion for discovering and playing Appalachian fiddle tunes, traditional Old Time, Americana, and Celtic melodies. Master George and Mistress Dianne play guitar, mandolins, banjo and fiddle in various combinations.   Their “front porch” style will take you back to the way music was played before electronics invaded our lives.   gruber.d.r@gmail.com


Timothy Russell

Celtic & Adventure Music

Pub 4x a Day!

Dates TBD


"Bards" in the Middle Ages were travelers; lovers; and tellers of news, adventure, and romance.  Master Timothy of Chattanooga will share his skills on the guitar, transporting you to a life of love and adventure.  You too can right the wrongs, live passionately, and love truly.  HUZZAH for the MAGIC of the BARD!

Tim Simek Hammer Dulcimer

Tim & Michael Simek

Hammer Dulcimer and Guitar

At Different Stages 4x a day

All Show Days!

New!  Tim Simek of Louisville, TN and son, Michael Simek, of Harriman join the TN Medieval Faire for the first time.  However, Tim is no new-comer to music!  He's been playing traditional and Celtic music for over 27 years.  Tim also plays at various venues throughout the southeast, holds workshops throughout the year, gives private lessons, and is available to play for private events. Tim is a 2-time national champion, winning the national mountain dulcimer championship in 1993 and the national hammer dulcimer championship in 2011.   Tim's CDs will be available for purchase at the TN Medieval Faire!



Trent TMF18 Chess Match bow.jpeg

Royal Players

Street Character Ensemble

Our ~25 trained costumed characters help take you back in time to a land of chivalry and adventure!  Find villagers, minstrels, English rogues and royalty in our village of interactive entertainment.  You’ll find our costumed ensemble presiding at the jousts, fighting in the combat chess matches, performing on stage, leading interactive fairy tales, competing in boasting contests, and vying for the hand of a love.  Join in by cheering for your favorite knight.  Get knighted after a chess match.  Join in the Speed Courting and Folk Dance.  This moment in time is for you!  "Live the Age of Chivalry!"  HUZZAH! (photo by Trend Eades)

TN Medieval Faire Patron Volunteers

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  • Guard's Boasts and Jokes

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  • Folk Dancing

  • And More! 

(Photo by Rob Welton Photography)